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Hallam & Bayswater Truck Centres > The Kenworth Legend 950 Limited Edition


A tribute to those who've shared the journey.

For us, the journey began in ’71 when the first Australian made Kenworth trucks rolled off the line.

There’s been challenges along the way, like those dusty outback tracks on which the Kenworth legend was forged, but we persevered... We’re not alone on that score; Australia’s transport operators have never been short on tenacity. From the saleyards, the forests, and the remotest of mines, to the ports, cities, and paddocks in harvest–there’s always been opportunity… another destination, another payload, another journey.

For more than four decades, Australian-made Kenworths have helped operators haul huge payloads, across vast distances on roads good, bad and sometimes barely existent.

And there have been more than a few changes since those first Cab Overs and W models were built. Each of the uniquely Australian models released over the years was developed to be the best tool for the job; more capability, more durability, and more than just a little appeal for the driver behind the wheel.

We’ve sold them to first timers with a glint in their eye and fire in their belly; to family business’ passing the load from generation to generation; multinational corporations; and everyone in between.

As a tribute to those with whom we’ve so proudly shared this journey, we are releasing a limited edition model unlike any before it—the Legend 950.

Celebrating our heritage with an instantly recognisable road presence, this unique Kenworth combines original styling accents from our early years of manufacturing in this country, with an iconic model that wrote its own chapter in our ongoing journey.

Only 75 of these 950 Legends will be manufactured. Will you be one of the few to secure your piece of Kenworth history?


Legend 950 Limited Edition

Introduced in 1992 and originally modelled on the SAR, the T950 has everything that comes to mind when you think of a traditional American-style long bonneted truck. As well as looking the part, the T950 was designed to operate in almost any application from logging to livestock, whether pulling a single trailer or a triple road train.

The truck’s high mounted cab set back from its engine meant there was no engine intrusion into the cabin, allowing for easy all round access to the engine. Although phased out of production in 2007, its legacy has been revived with the release of the Limited Edition Legend 950.


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