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Hallam & Bayswater Truck Centres > Kenworth first to release Cummins' new ISXe5 SCR engine in Australia

Media Release


Kenworth is the first manufacturer to introduce Cummins' new isXe5 sCr engine series in australia, now providing truck operators with a choice of the two industry-leading, engine emission technologies.

Available in select Kenworth models from mid-February 2013, Cummins' new ISXe5 engine utilises Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) exhaust after-treatment technology for emission reduction. The ISX SCR engine complements Cummins' existing ISX EGR (cooled exhaust gas recirculation) engine, and meets stringent Euro 5 and ADR 80/03 emissions regulations. 

PACCAR Australia's Director, Sales and Marketing, Andrew Hadjikakou, says the Australian manufacturer is delighted to be the first to market with the new engine series. 

"Cummins' ISX and Signature series are the biggest selling heavy-duty engines in Australia and, as the heavy-duty truck market leader, Kenworth sells the lion's share of Cummins engines. We've had an excellent, collaborative relationship with Cummins for many years. We have worked closely on the ISXe5, with Kenworth providing in-house design and engineering to enable comprehensive field testing in some of Australia's harshest conditions," Andrew said. 

"The ISXe5 is an important release for Australia. We have the most diverse and challenging operating environments in the world. Our trucks require the latest and most robust technologies to meet operator needs. Cummins' new SCR-based engine meets those needs and complements Cummins' existing EGR range. Kenworth can now offer customers a new engine option which suits a variety of applications, industry requirements and user preferences," he explained. 

The ISXe5 will be available in several Kenworth models, including the K200, T609, T409, T409SAR and T909. Other models are scheduled to be added late in the second quarter of 2013. 

The ISXe5 will be available in the same outputs as Cummins' current EGR engines, from 450 to 600 hp, generating 1650 to 2050 lb/ft of torque respectively. The engine suits a diverse range of single trailer, B double and roadtrain applications, including interstate linehaul, logging, mining and remote area operations. 

The new engine is particularly well suited to Kenworth's T409 and T409SAR models. They are popular workhorses for B double applications. Their light tare weight and relatively short length for a conventional truck enables operators to maximise payload within the 26-metre B double envelope. 

"With an ISXe5-powered T409 and T409SAR, Kenworth is able to offer engine performance up to 600 hp and carrying capacity of 90 tonne GCM and above," Andrew said. "The T409 is already a proven performer in the B double market. The new engine is certain to increase its appeal." 

Kenworth and Cummins have tested the ISXe5 widely throughout urban and rural Australia and New Zealand over the past 12 months. Engines have been fitted in a range of truck models operating with different GCM ratings and in varied environments. The trial units have covered over 2.5 million kilometres, putting the new engines through their paces in the hottest and dirtiest conditions, and the most punishing, heavy-duty applications. 

"Without exception, all operators have been impressed with the ISXe5's performance, endurance and fuel economy. They report the engine provides easy drivability, especially over long and hard hauls. The engine has strong throttle response and consistent power delivery, and it's well integrated with the transmission, enabling smooth gear changes," Andrew explained. 

The ISXe5 is founded on the same proven engine design Cummins uses for its popular EGR models, however, it utilises a common rail fuel system, wastegate turbocharger and a single overhead camshaft. The other significant difference is the SCR after-treatment componentry used to reduce emissions. 


Andrew says Kenworth is continuing to see strong demand for Cummins' well-established ISX and Signature EGR engines, and it expects this to continue in the future. 

"With the introduction of Cummins' ISXe5, Kenworth is able to offer customers the best of both worlds – two proven technologies which deliver high performance, economical and low emission engines that meet a variety of applications and user requirements," he said. 

"The relationships we have with our customers and the nationwide network of Cummins-certified PACCAR dealers gives Kenworth confidence that we can support this new product now and into the future," Andrew added. 

Kenworth trucks are designed and manufactured in Australia to meet the world's toughest applications. Kenworth, a division of PACCAR Australia, is market leader in heavy duty trucks in Australia. Its trucks are also exported to Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. PACCAR Inc, a Six Sigma company, is a global technology leader in the design, manufacture and customer support of high-quality light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks under the Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF nameplates. PACCAR also designs and manufactures advanced diesel engines, provides financial services and information technology, and distributes truck parts related to its principal business.