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Kenworth T659

Rugged, reliable and tough – The T659 has the versatility and power to operate in applications ranging from general freight to logging, mining or livestock haulage, on or off the highway in single or multiple trailer configurations. 

Supreme performance combined with comfort and safety make the T659 one of the most versatile trucks on or off the road. T659 — Defining reliability and durability.

Kenworth T659 Melbourne


CONFIGURATION: 6X4 standard 8X6 optional
GCM: up to 200 tonne GCM*
  • Cummins ISX EGR – Optional up to 600HP / 2050 LBFT *
  • Cummins ISXe5 – Optional up to 600 HP / 2050LBFT *

* Please note: GCM and Engine ratings are specification and application dependant. For further details please contact our Sales Team.


Superior Comfort

The T659 cab has been designed to provide the highest levels of driver comfort and safety in a wide variety of applications. The large two piece windscreen offers a commanding view over the sloping hood that offers excellent short distance forward vision in confined spaces. Daylite doors are standard with electric windows and drop down glass sections provide improved side vision. Traditional doors are available as an option.

The T659 can be optioned with Kenworth’s range of modular sleepers available in 36” and 50”.

Chassis Frame Layout

Kenworth trucks can be built to a variety of wheelbases with components mounted onto the frame to suit your needs. The strength and weight distribution of each frame is enhanced by locating the various parts so that loads are evenly spread and fuel tank capacity can be maximised.

Battery boxes are positioned to minimise the length of battery cables for ease of starting and to ensure the batteries are subjected to the lowest possible shock loads.

Latest Cummins Engine

The latest Cummins engine technology is available for the T659 in a range of horsepower and torque ratings that allow you to specify and fine tune your truck specifically for its application.

Electronic engine management allows us to tailor an engine to your exact needs, for longer, trouble free and more cost effective operation, improving durability and assisting in reducing fuel consumption.

Click here to download the T659 Brochure (1.4 MB)