Modelled on the legendary W-model and introduced in 1991, the T900 with its classic look and style was designed with the versatility to operate in almost any application and tough enough to stand up to the harsh Australian conditions. Built to revive the character of the American-style long bonneted truck, theT900 though not the spitting image of its much loved predecessor the W900AR, showcased its own elegance and class and all that was attractive in the much sought after W-model. Although it has been many years since production, the T900 has never faded and is reborn with the release of the Legend 900.


The second in the series of Kenworth Legends, based on the T900 and its predecessor the W900, the Legend 900 revives the glory days of Australian transport. With a uniquely Kenworth heritage feel and limited edition features, the Legend 900 is in keeping with the original T900. Many of the limited edition features have been specifically manufactured and in some cases handmade to recreate this unique truck. This is the the last of the flat screen B series cabs providing extra head room and seat travel, meaning greater levels of comfort for the driver than the original T900.

The Kenworth Legend 900 will be on sale for one day only.
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