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Hallam & Bayswater Truck Centres > PACCAR Finance

When you purchase your new or used truck from the Hallam or Bayswater Truck Centres, we can assist you to access the excellent finance packages through professional finance managers who understand the needs of transport operators.

PACCAR Financial for Kenworth & DAF New & Used Trucks

Dedicated to the best trucks, dedicated to your business success, dedicated to transport PACCAR Financial is committed exclusively to the trucking industry and to the success of those who buy Kenworth and DAF trucks.

PACCAR Financial’s experienced Finance Managers understand your industry. We know your truck. Let us help you finance it.

Choice and flexibility

When you order a truck, you want it engineered to suit your specific needs. When you need finance, you want I engineered to suit your circumstances.

PACCAR Financial has a range of financial tools from which to create the ideal financial package for you and your business.

Hire Purchase

Trucks and trailers acquired quickly and with minimal initial outlay by hiring at fixed monthly payments over an agreed period. Upon the final payment, ownership transfers to you. Advantages: You can match payments to suit your seasonal cash flow. You may depreciate the asset and also claim the interest expense. **

Equipment Loan/Chattel Mortgage

PACCAR Financial lends you the money to acquire a truck or trailer and secures the loan with a Chattel Mortgage. You gain immediate ownership of the truck/trailer.Advantages: You may claim the GST tax refund as a small operator as well as depreciation on the asset the interest expense on the loan. **

Finance Lease

No deposit finance with fixed monthly rentals and an agreed residual payment at the end of the lease, upon which ownership passes to you. Advantages: Rentals are fully tax deductible and you gain ownership at the end of the lease at an agreed value. **

Operating Lease

You pay a fixed monthly rental on your truck over an agreed term. At the end of the lease; the truck may be returned to PACCAR Financial, you may extend the lease, or offer to buy the truck at Fair Market Value. Advantages: Rentals are fully tax deductible and neither asset nor debt appear on you balance sheet. **

** You should seek independent financial advice regarding your tax position and what product is best for you.